MST306 for REGO ER11


Product description

In the condition of the main spindle stop, this spindle is provided for tapping in the end face of a workpiece. The spindle rotates at a speed 1.17 times faster than the command-coded value. Tool holder name: MST306 Machine type: V, VII, VIII Max. chuck diameter: Ø 7 mm [Ø 0.2756"] Max. tapping diameter: M5 Max. tap depth: 12 mm [0.4724"] Spindle speed: Max. 9,300 min^-1 Chuck type: AR11, ER11 Spindle rotation direction: Direction shown by the arrow in the figure above for a forward rotation command Provided set screws: One M6 x 20 and one M6 x 40 and one M6 x 70 screws

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